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2015 MMRFL Rules Meeting on Januray 6th, 2015
The annual Rules meeting of the MMRFL for the 2015 season ( 2015/2016 school Year )  will be held at Fuddruckers on Miller Road starting at 6:00 PM on Tuesday January 6th, 2015.  If the meeting runs past 8:50 PM it will be adjourned and reconvened on Tues January 13th if necessary. 

A summary of proposed rules changes for the 2015 season will be sent out to registered Area Field Commissioners after Decemebr 15th, 2013.  Please review these proposals and be sure to have your area represented at the meeting.

MMRFL Executive Board Election Results  -- Oct 21st, 2014.
Elections to fill the MMRFL Executive Board positions of President and Treasurer for the 2015 & 2016  seasons were held on October 21st, 2014, at the final regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners Mtg for 2014.  As a result of these elcetions other offices were vacated and subsequently refilled by election for one-year terms to complete vacated terms of office.  The new Elected Executive Board Memebers, by office, are as follows:

MMRFL Elected Members of Executive Board

President  (2015 & 2016)              ---  Jason Fournier   
Vice-President  (2015)                  ---  Nick Rodgers    {Special 1 year term due to Vacancy}
Secretary  (2015)                          ---  Annie Rodgers  {Special 1 year term due to Vacancy} 
Treasurer  (2015/2016)                ---  Terri Gray 
Head Filed Commissioner  (2015)  ---  Darin Conrad    {No Change}

Congratulations to Jason Fourneir elected as new President and Nick Rodgers as new Vice-President having moved form other positions on the board and Terri Gray as returning Treasurer.  I also wish to welcome Anne Ridgers as new member of elected MMRFL Executive Board Member.   

Current list of Appoited officers includes Medical Director, 3 Assistant Field Commissioner, and Webmaster.  The New Execuitve Board will take over effective January 1, 2015,  and will confirm appointments of appointed officers at that time.  If not filled at that time,  they will anounce apppointmets at a later date if or when filled. 
MMRFL  RULES MTG.  -- PROPOSALS for Changes to 2015 Rules REQUIRED BY DEC 15TH, 2014
Proposed rules changes can come from any source within the MMRFL --- Board members, Area Staff, Officials, and Parents of Participants.  These proposals will be compiled and presented for consideration at the next annual rules meeting.  Once brought up for consideration the proposal would then have to be made as a motion and seconded by a voting member of the Board of Commissioners (MMRFL Executive Board and Area Commissioners / Representatives) to be voted on as a potential rule change. 

**  Proposed rules changes initially submitted on or prior to  DEC 15th  will require the normal simple majority (>50%) vote to be passed.  (Amended versions of these proposals will also fall under this >50% vote requirement.)

**  No Proposed rules changes will be accepted after the DEC 15th  deadline except those from a member of the Board of Commissioners or League Executive Board.  These motions will require a 3/4  majority vote of voting rights present to be passed.

Once rules meeting is concluded and adjourned those rules changes that have been approved immediately go into effect and the rules set is closed for changes for the year.  After that the only way to make a change in the rules set would require a unanimous vote of all voting members (100)%  to consider a specific change followed by a 2/3 majority vote to pass the change once reviewed.

Those wishing to submit a rules change proposal should submit it to the MMRFL Executive Board by email by using the contact us link above which will send it to the President and Vice President.  (or mail directly to Presidnet@MMRFL.org  and  VicePresident@MMRFL.org).  Some proposals have already been submitted.  You should include the specific rule change proposed, any supporting information for reason for change you wish, and your contact information (name, phone #, and member area, and position in area).  You will also probably want to talk to your area Board or FC about it to enlist their potential support. 

All proposals received by the 15th will be forwarded to all area staffs to review before the Rules Meeting
About the Mid-Michigan Rural Football League
The Mid-Michigan Rural Football League, Inc.,  (MMRFL) is a youth football and cheerleading organization for kids from ages 8 to 13.  It is designed to organize and maintain recreational athletics (Youth Football & Cheerleading) in an instructional nature. We offer supervision, guidance, and instruction aimed at making our kids better athletes and better people.  Incorporated in 1990 we have grown from 7 districts with 19  teams to 22 Member areas plus 2 associate member areas with about 110 football teams in 2013  These are coed – full contact football teams playing under MHSAA rules along with Cheerleading squads and POM squads as well in many areas to round out the experience.  With over 4,800 kids and over 500 volunteer coaches and staff we are proud to serve communities in 5 counties in Mid Michigan  (Genesee, Oakland, Saginaw, Shiawasee, and Tuscola).
MMRFL -  2014 Calendar of Events  ** Updated 07/30/14 **
01/07/14          -- 2013 MMRFL  Rules Meeting  -- 6:00-9:00 PM @ Fuddruckers
01/14/14          -- Backup Rules Meeting slot if needed

04/15/14            -- FC Off Season Meeting  7:00-9:00  @ Fuddruckers  (Scholarship, Draft
                              Procedures, New admissions, Out of Season & Summer restrictions)

06/03/14          -- FC Off Season Meeting  7:00-9:00  @ Fuddruckers  (Miller & I 75)  (Draft Updates,
                              New admissions, Safety / Concussion Training, Insuarnce, Pre-Seaso Preparations,

06/03/14          -- First Insurance Payment from Areas due to League  (50% of Est. Premium)

TBD                  -- Area Safety Commissioner (FC) Training  - Location TBD with USA Football - Heads Up Training
                              for each areas Safety Director in Concussion, Safe tackling and blocking, Stretching, and protocalls. 

07/22/14            -- FC Off Season Mtg - 7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Review Draft schedule and preliminary team counts)

08/01/14        --  First Eligible date for team Drafts -- Last day for submission of special Draft Proposals

8/1/14 - 8/10/14  Pre-Season Downtime --->  NO open gyms or Clinics/camps which involve sport-specific
                              (football) activities may occur with any of Areas personnel present 

08/05/14            -- Preseason Board of Commissiners Mtg - 7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Review Draft schedule and preliminary team count status, Coach's Code of Conduct forms due)TBD         

08/10/14            --  MMRFL Officials Meeting  --  GSID on Maple Road  7:00 PM after GCCOA Mtg

08/11/14            --  First day of Practice - Conditioning Only  (Helmets, Footballs, Cleats only --
                                (No Contact - No Pads- NO Blocking on opponents or blocking dummies)
                              NO PARTICIPANT will be allowed to practice without approved physical and
                              Insurance Waiver received by Area Staff..

08/12/14          -- Season Opener Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              Report preliminary number of teams by Division, Review Head Coach and Asst Coach
                              Status for completion of "Heads Up Concusion training.

08/17/14          --  Deadline for Competion of All Interdivisional Drafts  (Dividing players to teams if multiple in division)

08/18/14            -- First eligible date for Contact Practice with Pads

08/19/14            -- Pre-Roster Meeting  -- 7:00-7:45      Location TBD
                              All areas must submit team registration forms with final Field Availability,
                              Number of teams in Each Division, and Special Requests
                              List of all Football Coaches by team
                              (All Dues and fees now due and payable in full.)

08/19/14            --  Mandatory Football Coaches Meeting  -- 8:00-10:00 PM    Location TBD
                              All Football Head Coaches, Asst Coaches, and Coaching Assistants must attend.
                              Failure to attend will result in game suspension unless absence preapproved by MMRFL
                              Executive Board.

08/23/14            -- League Wide Multi Team Scrimmages - Details to Follow
                              ------ Hollly FouthFootball  at Holly Practice Field
                                ------ Kearsley Youth Football at Practice Filed  (Pero Elementary)
08/23/14            -- FC Training
                              ------ Hollly Practice Field  9:00 AM
                                ------ Kearsley Practice Filed  (Pero Elementary) @  9:00 AM
                                ------ Grand Blanc (GM Truck and Bus)  @  9:00 AM

08/26/14            -- Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 @  TBD
                              (Insurance Waiver Books to be turned in for all players, Out of District Player Waivers to
                              to be turned in, Game preparation reminders, game site schedule review)

09/02/14          -- Roster Meeting. – 6:00    Executive Board and ALL other Areas must be present at this Meeting !
                            ALL Areas must submit a completed roster to the League for all teams for Review and Approval
                            Schedules will be reviewed and approved.

09/06/14          -- First Game of Season.
09/09/14          -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/13/14            -- 2nd week of Games of Season.
09/16/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/20/14            -- 3rd week of Games of Season.
09/23/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/27/14            -- 4th week of Games of Season.
09/30/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/04/14            -- 5th week of Games of Season.
10/07/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/11/14            -- 6th week of Games of Season.
10/14/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/18/14            -- 7th week of Games of Season.
10/21/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)  Last meeting. 
                              Officer elections (Vice-President & Secretary & Head Field Commissioner)

10/25/14            -- Special 8th week of Games of Season for makeup games.
10/28/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)  Last meeting.
                          -- Official Close of 2013 Season

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