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MMRFL Weekend Forecast for 10/03/15
Weather forecast for Saturday 10/03/15  calls for Low's in the upper 40's with a High in the mid 50's with cloudy and windy skies ---- but no rain in theory.

Rain without lightning does not postpone games by MHSAA rules.  BUT Thunder or Lightning will.  In addition we are sometimes  asked by School Administration to not use the field to avoid tearing it up.  So Parents / Families / Friends  ==>  Please check back to this site to check the status of the youth games before departing for your game.  We will post any cancellations / postponements and delays of games as we identify them.  We will also post the rescheduled times and locations of games as those decisions are confirmed as well.   

Keep in mind -- like the High Schools we typically will reschedule cancelled / postponed games for the next day  (SUNDAY) som plan accordingly.
NO tailgating allowed at Swartz Creek Schools
Fans going to Swartz Creek this weekend.  Please be aware that the Swartz Creek School do not allow Tailgate Party activities in their parking lots.  This is a school administration decision, not the youth program's call, and must be enforced.
ONLY Water on sidelines at Fenton Fields
Parenst and Coaches -- Be aware t hat the High School Administration has deterlmind that ONLY Water is allowed along sideliens at Fenton Fields .

No Energy or Sports drinks, Pop / Soda, Kool Aids or any drinks other than WATER  are allowed on the track or sidellines of the Field .  Players or cheerleaders for teams going to Fenton should only bring water for their drink while on the sidelines at the games.

Please note that schools in the State of Michigan do not permit pets in Sports Stadiums.  The MMRFL and it's Subsidiaries are required to abide by this guideline under our Field Use Agreements.

NO PETS, other then working animals,  will be allowed at MMRFL Game sites or practice fileds using school property
LEAVE YOUR DOGS, CATS, and/or other pets at HOME.  Violators will be asked to leave. 
Inclement Weather Notice & Rescheduled Games
The MMRFL follows the guidelines of the MHSAA/NFHS regarding Lightning and delay / suspension of games.  That means that if Lightning is seen, or Thunder heard, the game or practice must be delayed and teams removed from the field of play to safety.  The game cannot be resumed until 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning is seen or Thunder heard.  Based upon our schedule and the weather conditions once a game has been delayed the Area and League Staff and Game Officials will make the decision if and when a game is suspended for the day.  Once suspended for the day we will either reschedule a time to finish the game or call the game complete at the point suspended.  Any game rescheduled will need to be played on the next day (Sunday) or on a weekend during the season when neither team has another game  per MHSAA rules.  A game that is suspended part way through and rescheduled will resume at the same point in the game at which is was suspended. 

As soon as we are aware of any problems we will post a notice on this Bulletin Board of any MMRFL games that are rescheduled, delayed, or cancelled for any reason.  We will also update that notice for date, times, and locations of makeup game or status  as soon as information is available.  Games may also be cancelled or re-scheduled due to Tornado Warnings or other special conditions where school districts request we not use facilities.  We suggest that you check the Bulletin board Saturday before you leave for a game if there is inclement weather on Friday or Saturday.

MMRFL President
About the Mid-Michigan Rural Football League
The Mid-Michigan Rural Football League, Inc.,  (MMRFL) is a youth football and cheerleading organization for kids from ages 8 to 13.  It is designed to organize and maintain recreational athletics (Youth Football & Cheerleading) in an instructional nature. We offer supervision, guidance, and instruction aimed at making our kids better athletes and better people.  Incorporated in 1990 we have grown from 7 districts with 19  teams to 22 Member areas plus 2 associate member areas with about 110 football teams in 2013  These are coed – full contact football teams playing under MHSAA rules along with Cheerleading squads and POM squads as well in many areas to round out the experience.  With over 4,800 kids and over 500 volunteer coaches and staff we are proud to serve communities in 5 counties in Mid Michigan  (Genesee, Oakland, Saginaw, Shiawasee, and Tuscola).
MMRFL -  2015 Calendar of Events  ** Updated 09/03/15"
08/17/15            --  First day of Practice - Conditioning Only  (Helmets , Footballs, and cleats only –  NO Protective Pads)
                            NO  CONTACT  -- Blocking Pads or Dummies may only be used spacers or NON-contact  props ? At Light
                            "Bag Level Contact" using USA Football Terms).  NO PARTICIPANT will be allowed to practice without
                            approved physical and Insurance Waiver received by Area Staff.

08/18/15          -- Season Opener Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Report preliminary number of teams by Division, Review Head Coach and Asst Coach
                              Status for completion of "Heads Up Concussion training, Missing COC turned in, TBD)

08/23/15          --  Deadline for Completion of All Interdivisional Drafts  (Dividing players to teams if multiple in division)

08/22/15            -- First eligible date for Contact Practice with Pads.  NO COLLISION Practices allowed. 

08/22/15            -  FC Training --  Fenton High School Field  9:00 AM

08/25/15            -- Pre-Roster Meeting  -- 7:00-7:45      Location TBD
                              All areas must submit team registration forms with final Field Availability, Number of teams in
                              Each Division, and Special Requests.  Also, must submit Preliminary Roster including all coaches names
                              and players  (to be used for MANDATORY 2nd League Weigh-In).
                              (All Dues and fees now due and payable in full.)

08/25/15            --  Mandatory Football Coaches Meeting  -- 8:00-10:00 PM    Location:  Mt Morris High School Auditorium
                              7:45-10:00    Must be checked in and seated by 8:00 --- DO NOT BE LATE.
                              Note: All Football Head Coaches, Asst Coaches, and Coaching Assistants must attend.
                              Failure to attend will result in game suspension unless absence preapproved by MMRFL
                              Executive Board in writing at least 24 hrs in advance.

08/29/15            -- League Wide Multi Team Scrimmages - Details and locations to Follow
                            ------ Holly  (Karl Rhcter Community Center)  starting at 9:00  AM

08/29/15            -- FC Training  (times and Location to be confirmed)
                            ------  Holly Scrimmage  (Karl Richter Community Center)  starting at  8:00 AM
                            ------  Kearsley Scrimmage  starting at  ????

08/29/15-09/05/15  --  Mandatory 2nd League Wide Weigh-ins  conducted by MMRFL Executive Board. 
                                      Schedule of times and locations to be posted in MMRFL Web site Homepage
                                  ----  08/30  at  -- Flushing, and Montrose @ 5:00 PM -- 6:30 PM
                                                    at --  Vassar  5:00-6:00 PM 
                                                    at --  Durand, New Lothrop @ 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM
                                                    at --  Caro  6:30 - 7:15 PM
                                  ----  08/31  at  -- Lake Fenton, Fenton & Bendle  ( with Atherton and Bentley)  @  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
                                                    at  -- Clio  @  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
                                  ----  9/01  at  -- Oakland Christian 5:00 PM -5:30 PM
                                                    at  -- Holly @  6:00 PM-6:40 PM
                                                    at  --  Kearsley  5:00-6::30 PM
                                  ----  9/02  at  --  Swartz Creek  @ 5:00 PM 7:00 PM-
                                                    at  --  Grand Blanc  @ 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
                                  ----  9/03  at  --  Makeup sessions  at  Clio - 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM  Edds promptly at 6:00
                                  If your area is not listed contact your Area FC for your aresa normal weigh-in time & location,
                                  You  have been scheduled at another location near you.
09/01/15            -- Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 @  TBD
                              (Insurance Waiver Books to be turned in for all players, Out of District Player Waivers to
                              to be turned in, Game preparation reminders, game site schedule review, TBD)

09/08/15          -- Roster Meeting. – 6:00    Executive Board and ALL other Areas must be present at this Meeting!
                            ALL Areas must submit a completed roster to the League for all teams for Review and Approval
                            Schedules will be reviewed and approved.

09/12/15          -- First Game of Season.
09/15/15          -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/19/15            -- 2nd week of Games of Season.
09/22/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/23/15 - 09/27/15  --  3rd  League Wide Weigh-ins  conducted by MMRFL Executive Board. 
                              Most to be done at game sites on 9/26/15. An special weigh-ins to be posted on MMRFL Homepage.
                              For players registered and added to Roster after 09/03/15  or those wishing to reweigh to move down
                              a division

09/26/15            -- 3rd week of Games of Season.
09/29/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/03/15            -- 4th week of Games of Season.
10/06/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/10/15            -- 5th week of Games of Season.
10/13/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/17/15            -- 6th week of Games of Season.
10/20/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/24/15            -- 7th week of Games of Season.
10/27/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)  Last meeting. 
                              Officer elections (Vice-President & Secretary & Head Field Commissioner)

11/06/15            -- Official Close of 2015 Season

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