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Reminder -- Roster Meeting starts with distributing Rosters @ 6:00  on Sept. 2nd 2014
Board of Commissioners will be meeting for our next regular meeting -- ROSTER Mtg.  Starting at 6:00 (with distribution of Rosters and documents) on Sept. 2nd, 2014, at Fuddruckers.  BE THERE ON TIME.  THIS IS A LONG MEETING with a lot to do.  All Regular Season meetings after that will again start at 7:00 ever Tuesday until week after games are over at end of October.

This week is our special Roster meeting --- We will begin at 6:00 with all areas distributing their rosters to the trays for each of the areas and board members (30 copies).    We will then need to sort them by Division -- FR - JV - Var in alphabetical order. This will take time.  Arrive on time with 30 copies of each roster (20 for Areas + 8 For Exec Board + 2 for safety).  It will take time to distribute and sort.  Once meeting starts we will review eligibility for all players on each roster and approve them (Fast paced).  Once reviewed and approved you can put them in your Binder Books for weigh-ins at your leisure. 

We will also review Game Schedules and approve them as well as Coaches Eligibility (Concussion training complete) and any other business necessary.
Game Schedules will be available 09/03/14
Game Schedules will be available on Document Center in the morning  on Wed.  09/03/14.  They will be reviewed by the Board of Commissioners the evening before.  Prior to that neither your Coaches ar Area Boards will have access to them and will not be able to give you any information about when or where the teams will be playing.
Inclement Weather Notice & Rescheduled Games
The MMRFL follows the guidelines of the MHSAA/NFHS regarding Lightning and delay / suspension of games.  That means that if Lightning is seen the game or practice must be delayed and teams removed from the field of play to safety.  The game cannot be resumed until 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning is seen.  Based upon our schedule and the weather conditions once a game has been delayed the Area and League Staff and Game Officials will make the decision if and when a game is suspended for the day.  Once suspended for the day we will either reschedule a time to finish the game or call the game complete at the point suspended.  Any game rescheduled will need to be played on the next day (Sunday) or on a weekend during the season when neither team has another game  per MHSAA rules.  A game that is suspended part way through and rescheduled will resume at the same point in the game at which is was suspended. 

As soon as we are aware of any problems we will post a notice on this Bulletin Board of any MMRFL games that are rescheduled, delayed, or cancelled for any reason.  We will also update that notice for date, times, and locations of makeup game or status  as soon as information is available.  Games may also be cancelled or re-scheduled due to Tornado Warnings or other special conditions where school districts request we not use facilities.  We suggest that you check the Bulletin board Saturday before you leave for a game if there is inclement weather on Friday or Saturday.

MMRFL President
Field Commissioner and Coach Reminders - Play tracking  Posted 08/28/14
Field Commissioners: Remember you must assign or approve assignment of one coach or team attendant, included on the team roster, to maintain the MMRFL player participation record for each game.  This form is available in the Document Center in both PDF and XLS formats under "2014 MMRFL Play Record Sheet".  ONLY Approved MMRFL Play tracking sheets may be used so Coaches or Play trackers to be given copies of this new form to use.  Review how form is to be filled out as discussed at last meeting.

Commissioners and Coaches:
    Based upon input received the Excel version is editable in key fields to allow team to enter Jersey numbers, Names and Key groups before printing to aid in use.  It is also larger type for easier reading and update. The form is designed to be use one sheet per half so each team should have it printed on two sides or have two sheets for each game  (1st and 2nd half).
    Play Tracker is to check boxes off showing who is on the field and who is not for every play until all players have their required number of plays per half.  Circle appropriate area at bottom of page to indicate if you are marking the players that are on the field or off the field.  Completed form must be turned in to your area field commissioner immediately following the game or surrendered to MMRFL Executive Board Member Present ("Green Shirt").  Original form to be turned in - do not rewrite them or correct them after game.
    Head field commissioners from each area are to review these and take appropriate action as needed. They are required to turn them in to MMRFL Executive Board at next Regular Tuesday Board Meeting.    Failure to turn them in may be considered violation of Minimum play rule -- So Head coaches need to make sure it happens.

ONLY Molded Rubber Cleats allowed in the MMRFL -- Buy The Right Shoes
Please pay special attention to the following guidelines when going out to buy cleats for your child for the upcoming football season in the MMRFL.  Your child will not be allowed to participate in a game with cleats that do not conform to the MMRFL Rules. Pay special attention to the Cleats. 

++++  Molded football or soccer style cleats made of  Non-Removeable studs or cleats made of nonabrasive molded rubber or rubber-like synthetic material only, that does not have and cannot develop a burr or cutting surface. 

++++  NO  SCREW—IN Cleats Allowed.... Screw in or Removeable cleats of all types are illegal.
          Even if the screw on is a molded plastic cleat it is illegal. 


++++  Molded Cleats may not be any longer then ½” in length from sole of shoe.

Players showing up for games with illegal cleats will not be allowed to play with those cleats.
About the Mid-Michigan Rural Football League
The Mid-Michigan Rural Football League, Inc.,  (MMRFL) is a youth football and cheerleading organization for kids from ages 8 to 13.  It is designed to organize and maintain recreational athletics (Youth Football & Cheerleading) in an instructional nature. We offer supervision, guidance, and instruction aimed at making our kids better athletes and better people.  Incorporated in 1990 we have grown from 7 districts with 19  teams to 22 Member areas plus 2 associate member areas with about 110 football teams in 2014.  These are coed – full contact football teams playing under MHSAA rules along with Cheerleading squads and POM squads as well in many areas to round out the experience.  With over 4,800 kids and over 500 volunteer coaches and staff we are proud to serve communities in 5 counties in Mid Michigan  (Genesee, Oakland, Saginaw, Shiawasee, and Tuscola).
MMRFL -  2014 Calendar of Events  ** Updated 07/30/14 **
01/07/14          -- 2013 MMRFL  Rules Meeting  -- 6:00-9:00 PM @ Fuddruckers
01/14/14          -- Backup Rules Meeting slot if needed

04/15/14            -- FC Off Season Meeting  7:00-9:00  @ Fuddruckers  (Scholarship, Draft
                              Procedures, New admissions, Out of Season & Summer restrictions)

06/03/14          -- FC Off Season Meeting  7:00-9:00  @ Fuddruckers  (Miller & I 75)  (Draft Updates,
                              New admissions, Safety / Concussion Training, Insuarnce, Pre-Seaso Preparations,

06/03/14          -- First Insurance Payment from Areas due to League  (50% of Est. Premium)

TBD                  -- Area Safety Commissioner (FC) Training  - Location TBD with USA Football - Heads Up Training
                              for each areas Safety Director in Concussion, Safe tackling and blocking, Stretching, and protocalls. 

07/22/14            -- FC Off Season Mtg - 7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Review Draft schedule and preliminary team counts)

08/01/14        --  First Eligible date for team Drafts -- Last day for submission of special Draft Proposals

8/1/14 - 8/10/14  Pre-Season Downtime --->  NO open gyms or Clinics/camps which involve sport-specific
                              (football) activities may occur with any of Areas personnel present 

08/05/14            -- Preseason Board of Commissiners Mtg - 7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Review Draft schedule and preliminary team count status, Coach's Code of Conduct forms due)TBD         

08/10/14            --  MMRFL Officials Meeting  --  GSID on Maple Road  7:00 PM after GCCOA Mtg

08/11/14            --  First day of Practice - Conditioning Only  (Helmets, Footballs, Cleats only --
                                (No Contact - No Pads- NO Blocking on opponents or blocking dummies)
                              NO PARTICIPANT will be allowed to practice without approved physical and
                              Insurance Waiver received by Area Staff..

08/12/14          -- Season Opener Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              Report preliminary number of teams by Division, Review Head Coach and Asst Coach
                              Status for completion of "Heads Up Concusion training.

08/17/14          --  Deadline for Competion of All Interdivisional Drafts  (Dividing players to teams if multiple in division)

08/18/14            -- First eligible date for Contact Practice with Pads

08/19/14            -- Pre-Roster Meeting  -- 7:00-7:45      Location TBD
                              All areas must submit team registration forms with final Field Availability,
                              Number of teams in Each Division, and Special Requests
                              List of all Football Coaches by team
                              (All Dues and fees now due and payable in full.)

08/19/14            --  Mandatory Football Coaches Meeting  -- 8:00-10:00 PM    Location TBD
                              All Football Head Coaches, Asst Coaches, and Coaching Assistants must attend.
                              Failure to attend will result in game suspension unless absence preapproved by MMRFL
                              Executive Board.

08/23/14            -- League Wide Multi Team Scrimmages - Details to Follow
                              ------ Hollly FouthFootball  at Holly Practice Field
                                ------ Kearsley Youth Football at Practice Filed  (Pero Elementary)
08/23/14            -- FC Training
                              ------ Hollly Practice Field  9:00 AM
                                ------ Kearsley Practice Filed  (Pero Elementary) @  9:00 AM
                                ------ Grand Blanc (GM Truck and Bus)  @  9:00 AM

08/26/14            -- Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 @  TBD
                              (Insurance Waiver Books to be turned in for all players, Out of District Player Waivers to
                              to be turned in, Game preparation reminders, game site schedule review)

09/02/14          -- Roster Meeting. – 6:00    Executive Board and ALL other Areas must be present at this Meeting !
                            ALL Areas must submit a completed roster to the League for all teams for Review and Approval
                            Schedules will be reviewed and approved.

09/06/14          -- First Game of Season.
09/09/14          -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/13/14            -- 2nd week of Games of Season.
09/16/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/20/14            -- 3rd week of Games of Season.
09/23/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/27/14            -- 4th week of Games of Season.
09/30/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/04/14            -- 5th week of Games of Season.
10/07/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/11/14            -- 6th week of Games of Season.
10/14/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/18/14            -- Final week of Games of Season.
10/21/14            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)  Last meeting. 
                              Officer elections (Vice-President & Secretary & Head Field Commissioner)

10/28/13          -- Official Close of 2013 Season

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