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Board of Commissioners  (FC) Meeting  April 21st, 2015
As previously announced the Board of Commissioners (Field Commissioners) Meeting is scheduled for April 21st, 2015,  starting at 7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (I-75 and Miller Road).  All areas  MUST  have representation at this meeting in person from your area or by Proxy transferred to someone else or MMRFL Executive Board. 

Agenda for this meeting Includes the following:

    o  NFHS/MHSAA Rules Changes for 2015
    o  MMRFL Rules Changes for 2015
    o  Out of Season Rrestrictions  (Spring and Summer)  and Clinics
    o  Documentation Requirements and timing for 2015
            {Background Checks, Concussion, Tackle level 1 Training, etc)
    o  Area and Coach Registration for USA Football
    o  New Admissions  (if any)
    o  Scholarships
Coaches,  Board Members, and other Volunteers Must Complete Concussion Training  before participating or volunteering in MMRFL
All Coaches ( Football and Cheer), Attendants 16 or over, Board Members and other regular Volunteers that interface with participants must complete CDC approved concussion training before they may coach or volunteer in MMRFL Areas.  This is Michigan State LAW …. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Certification must be through CDC approved course and must have been been completed since January 1st, 2015, for 2015 MMRFL season.  Both Area Board and MMRFL must have copy of certification certificate from training website with coaches name clearly printed on it. 

The CDC Concussion training is free of charge online at  thsi link      http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/Training/index.html

In the past some people have had a problem with certificate printing without coaches name on it using the normal print function on the website.    It is recommended that, once you have successfully completed the course, you do a screen print of the certificate off of your computer and/or save it to a PDF file before clicking on the print button.    A certificate without  a name is useless and you will have to take the course again because there is no way to reprint it from site.
2015  MMRFL Rules Changes  (Corrected)
The Board of Commissioners (Member Area Representatives) of the MMRFL met on January 6th, 2015, to review and revise (as deemed
necessary) the rules of the MMRFL for 2015 season.  The Board approvedi 7 of 14 proposed changes  Below is a summary of the changes made
  *  Rule I-A-4 -- Point Spread Rule: 
          --  Revised to make mandatory suspension of coach at 32 point spread instead of 30.  {A little more Room for mishap from 25 points}
          --  Revised to include a warning / reprimand if game ends with point spread of 25 or more.
          --  Revised to clarify that coaches are to try to maintain a point spread of less than 25 at all times and that Disciplinary action may be if
              he has failed or refused  to take appropriate action to attempt to minimize and avoid point of 25 points or more or to follow direction
              from League Officer or Field Commissioner. Can be disciplined for failing to make changes to avoid possible 25 point spread. 

  •  Rule  I-A-6  --  Risk Management  (USA Football Endorsed)
          In the interest of providing better educational resources to our coaches and providing a safer playing environment the MMRFL has joined
          the NFHS and Michigan High School Football Association (MHSFCA) in endorsing and utilizing the USA Football Heads-Up Football program.
        As part of this effort and the MMRFL Risk Management Program :
          --  Each area must have at least one Player Safety Coordinator (PSC) 
                ++  Certified by USA Football through PSC training  in last two years
                ++  Successfully completed USA Football Level 1 Tackling course (or recertification course)  within current calendar year.
          --  Each Head Football Coach must have:
                ++  Successfully registered as a member of USA Football for current year
                ++  Completed the USA Football Tackle Level 1 Coaching Certification course (or recertification course) before Roster Meeting
          Note:  MMRFL will cover membership cost in USA Football for PSC and Head Coach.

  •  Rule  I-A-7  --  Scouting
          Rule revised to clarify that the MMRFL considers scouting of potential opponents a violation of our Mission Statement and unacceptable.
          Revised wording to define limitations and requirements placed on teams non-player personnel and penalty for violation:
          --  Penalty for violation:  1st Occurrence is 1 game suspension. Subsequent is progressive.
          --  Violations include:
                ++  Use of Data collected by coach or others prior to game about players, formations, or plays of opponent.
                ++  Failure of Coach, or any roster personnel, of a team present at a game in which either team playing is a potential opponent (same
                        Age/Weight Division – FR, JV, Var) and neither is from their area, must check in with Home Area Field Commissioner and get approval
                        to remain. 
                  Note:  Area FC must advise head coach of both teams of individuals presence and intent before granting approval – if either coach or FC
                            objects then approval will not be granted and individual must leave. 

  *  Rule I-A-8 --  Code of Conduct:
          --  Revise rule to clarify that all coaches and Area Board Members are to sign Code of Conduct (COC) and turn in to area Head FC before
                being allowed to function in that capacity. Signed COC shall be turned in to MMRFL by date set by MMRFL Medical Director

  •  Rule  I-E-1  --  Play Tracking
          Rule revised placing responsibility on Head Coach and Area Head FC to ensure compliance to minimum play rule (6 plays per half). 
          --  A rea Head FC responsible to of approve format of tracking sheet and methodology in their area and for review of sheet.
          --  If complaint received by Area FC or MMRFL about non-compliance Head Coach will be given Warning / Reprimand and FC shall advise
              MMRFL of complaint.
          --  2nd complaint shall result in 1 game suspension of Head Coach unless coach provides irrefutable proof that player met minimum play
                requirements. (Note:  Video or Tracking Sheet tracked by independent FC not affiliated with that area).  Subsequent violations progressive.
          --  No chnage to Exception rule to minimum play rule.

  •  Rule  I-F-1 --  Game Officials
          For the 2015 Season the MMRFL will schedule and utilize 4 officials per game to help address concerns about missed calls because officials
          are unable to secure proper angles or focused on other actions.  The Jr Highs in our area have already adopted this practice and shown
          significant improvement in officiating and reduced issues.  The MMRFL did this on a trial basis in 2014 utilizing Executive Board Members
          (with-out pay), that are also MHSAA certified officials.

  *  The seventh and largest change for the MMRFL was a change in the entire Player Eligibility requirements (Section  III) for the Age / Weight
        Divisions to go from a single maximum weight in each Division to a maximum weight based upon age  (what we are referring to as a Variable
        Age/Weight Eligibility). This allows us to accommodate first year older players that are very light and young players that are heavier in a lower
        division then we could before and reduce size differentials in the divisions.  Changes were also made in weigh-in requirements to make this
        manageable and eliminate issue of players being ruled ineligible on game day when over weight limits.
          --  First year players that are 10 and 11 and under 60.5 lbs may play in FR-Division,
          --  First year players that are 12 and under 80.5 lbs may play in JV-Division,
          --  Players that are 7 or 8 and under 140.5 lbs  or 9 and under 130.5 lbs but over 90.5 lb FR limit can remain in JV instead of moving to Varsity.
          --  Moved date used to evaluate age for FR and JV Division from 8/15 to 7/31.
          --  Revised weigh-in process to have 3 weigh-ins across league per year with players being placed in appropriate Age/Weight Division based
                upon that official weight.  (1) Pre-Season for initial placement, (2) Week before Roster Meeting for official Division assignment before first
                game, and (3)  3rd week of games for verification of  assignment before 4thh week games.

Note:  This is a summary or overview only.  Refer to 2015 Rule Set for exact detailed description of revised rules.
NFHS / MHSAA Rule Changes for 2015
The MMRFL abides by the policies and guidelines of the MHSAA / NFHS.  We may adopt rules that are more restrictive but not less.  So when the MHSAA makes rules change it is important for us to look at them and update our coaches on those changes and how they may impact us.  The NFHS & MHSAA have released a summary of changes in Rules of Play for 2015. Rules Changes for 2015 include 6 rule changes that will affect us.  In addition there may be administrative rule changes by MHSAA that have not been finalized and/or announced yet, which could include further restrictions on contact and or collision practices

2015 NFHS / MHSAA / MMRFL  -- Rules of Play Changes:

  1.  DEFINITION REVISED (2-20-1c):  Continuing the focus of risk minimization, the definition for the illegal helmet contact act of spearing was revised. Spearing is an act by any player who initiates contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below with the crown (top portion) of his/her helmet.

  2.  CORRECTING A DOWN NUMBER ADDED (5-1-1b NEW):  The referee is granted authorization to correct the number of the next down before a new series of downs is awarded.

  3.  FREE-KICK FORMATIONS REVISED (6-1-3; 6-1-4 NEW; 6-1 PENALTY):  In a revision of the 2014 rule change regarding free-kick formations, the timing of the foul for not having at least four players on each side of the kicker now occurs when the ball is kicked.  {In 2014 it required balanced line from time they lined up until kicked – Now only at time kicked.

  4.  EXCESSIVE CONTACT ADDED TO UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS (9-4-3g):  With an emphasis on risk minimization, the unnecessary roughness provisions were expanded.  No player or nonplayer shall make any other contact with an opponent, including a defenseless player, which is deemed unnecessary or excessive and which incites roughness.

  5.  ROUGHING THE PASSER PENALTY CLARIFIED (9-4 PENALTY): An automatic first down is not awarded for a 5-yard incidental face mask penalty against the passer.  {Still automatic first down for 15 yard face-mask penalty on passer.}

  6.  DEAD-BALL PENALTY ENFORCEMENT MODIFIED (10-2-5):  The distance penalty for unsportsmanlike, nonplayer or dead-ball personal fouls committed by teams can now offset.  Equal numbers of 15-yard penalties by both teams will cancel and remaining penalties may be enforced.
About the Mid-Michigan Rural Football League
The Mid-Michigan Rural Football League, Inc.,  (MMRFL) is a youth football and cheerleading organization for kids from ages 8 to 13.  It is designed to organize and maintain recreational athletics (Youth Football & Cheerleading) in an instructional nature. We offer supervision, guidance, and instruction aimed at making our kids better athletes and better people.  Incorporated in 1990 we have grown from 7 districts with 19  teams to 22 Member areas plus 2 associate member areas with about 110 football teams in 2013  These are coed – full contact football teams playing under MHSAA rules along with Cheerleading squads and POM squads as well in many areas to round out the experience.  With over 4,800 kids and over 500 volunteer coaches and staff we are proud to serve communities in 5 counties in Mid Michigan  (Genesee, Oakland, Saginaw, Shiawasee, and Tuscola).
MMRFL -  2015 Calendar of Events  ** Updated 01/26/15 **
01/06/15          -- 2013 MMRFL  Rules Meeting  -- 6:00-9:00 PM @ Fuddruckers
01/15/15          -- Backup Rules Meeting slot if needed

04/21/15          -- FC Off Season Meeting  7:00-9:00  @ Fuddruckers  (Scholarships, Draft
                              Procedures, New admissions, NFHS/MHSAA Rules changes, Out of Season & Summer restrictions)

06/02/15          -- FC Off Season Meeting  7:00-9:00  @ Fuddruckers  (Miller & I 75)  (Draft Updates,
                              New admissions, Safety / Concussion Training, Insurance, Pre-Season Preparations,

06/19/15          -- First Insurance Payment from Areas due to League  (50% of Est. Premium)

TBD                  -- Area Player Safety Commissioner (FC) Training  with USA Football - Location TBD - Heads Up Training
                              for each areas Safety Director in Concussion, Safe tackling and blocking, Stretching, and protocols

07/14/15          -- FC Off Season Mtg. - 7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Review Draft schedule and preliminary team counts, Insurance - D&O & 2nd Insured Cert., Concussion
                              and PSC Training Status)

07/18/15          --  MMRFL will be hosting Player Safety Coordiunator Training Clinic starting at 7:30 AM.  All areas must
                            have Certified PSC Coordinator for 2015. 

08/01/15        --  First Eligible date for team Drafts -- Last day for submission of special Draft Proposals

8/1/15 - 8/16/15  Pre-Season Downtime --->  NO open gyms or Clinics/camps which involve sport-specific
                              (football) activities may occur with any of Areas personnel present 

08/10/15          --  MMRFL Officials Meeting  --  GSID on Maple Road  7:00 PM after GCCOA Mtg.

08/11/15          -- Pre-season Board of Commissioners Mtg. - 7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Review Preliminary team count status and Draft schedule, Coach's and Board Code of Conduct
                              forms due, Background Check status checklist turned in, TBD).       

08/xx/15           -- FC Training TBD

08/17/15            --  First day of Practice - Conditioning Only  (Helmets , Footballs, and cleats only –  NO Protective Pads)
                            NO  CONTACT  -- Blocking Pads or Dummies may only be used spacers or NON-contact  props ? At Light
                            "Bag Level Contact" using USA Football Terms).  NO PARTICIPANT will be allowed to practice without
                            approved physical and Insurance Waiver received by Area Staff.

08/18/15          -- Season Opener Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 PM at Fuddruckers (Miller & I-75)
                              (Report preliminary number of teams by Division, Review Head Coach and Asst Coach
                              Status for completion of "Heads Up Concussion training, Missing COC turned in, TBD)

08/23/15          --  Deadline for Completion of All Interdivisional Drafts  (Dividing players to teams if multiple in division)

08/22/15            -- First eligible date for Contact Practice with Pads.  NO COLLISION Practices allowed. 

08/25/15            -- Pre-Roster Meeting  -- 7:00-7:45      Location TBD
                              All areas must submit team registration forms with final Field Availability, Number of teams in
                              Each Division, and Special Requests.  Also, must submit Preliminary Roster including all coaches names
                              and players  (to be used for MANDATORY 2nd League Weigh-In).
                              (All Dues and fees now due and payable in full.)

08/25/15            --  Mandatory Football Coaches Meeting  -- 8:00-10:00 PM    Location TBD
                              All Football Head Coaches, Asst Coaches, and Coaching Assistants must attend.
                              Failure to attend will result in game suspension unless absence preapproved by MMRFL
                              Executive Board.

08/29/15            -- League Wide Multi Team Scrimmages - Details and locations to Follow

08/29/15            -- FC Training  (times and Location to be confirmed)

08/29/15-09/05/15  --  Mandatory 2nd League Wide Weigh-ins  conducted by MMRFL Executive Board. 
                                      Schedule of times and locations to be posted in MMRFL Web site Homepage
09/01/15          -- Board of Commissioners Meeting  --  7:00 @  TBD
                              (Insurance Waiver Books to be turned in for all players, Out of District Player Waivers to
                              to be turned in, Game preparation reminders, game site schedule review, TBD)

09/08/15          -- Roster Meeting. – 6:00    Executive Board and ALL other Areas must be present at this Meeting!
                            ALL Areas must submit a completed roster to the League for all teams for Review and Approval
                            Schedules will be reviewed and approved.

09/12/15          -- First Game of Season.
09/15/15          -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/19/15          -- 2nd week of Games of Season.
09/22/15          -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

09/23/15 - 09/27/15  --  Optional 3rd  League Wide Weigh-ins  conducted by MMRFL Executive Board. 
                              Most to be done at game sites on 9/26/15. An special weigh-ins to be posted on MMRFL Homepage

09/26/15          -- 3rd week of Games of Season.
09/29/15          -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/03/15          -- 4th week of Games of Season.
10/06/15          -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/10/15            -- 5th week of Games of Season.
10/13/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/17/15            -- 6th week of Games of Season.
10/20/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)

10/24/15            -- 7th week of Games of Season.
10/27/15            -- Regular League Meeting (7:00)  Last meeting. 
                              Officer elections (Vice-President & Secretary & Head Field Commissioner)

11/06/15            -- Official Close of 2015 Season
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