Mid-Michigan Rural Football League
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Schedules, Scores and Standings
2014 Master Schedulepdf9/3/14251 KB
2014 Master Schedule By Area REVISION 2.1 0n 9/4/11pdf9/4/14508 KB
2014 Score Sheetpdf9/18/14120 KB
2014 Standings - Thru week 2pdf9/18/1472 KB
2014 Divisionspdf8/31/1416 KB
2014 Commissioner Score Reporting Sheetpdf9/10/14235 KB

Seasonal Rules Set
2014 MMRFL Rules Set Rev1pdf8/13/14343 KB
2014 Game Rules Summary & Deadman Zone Chartpdf8/28/1455 KB

Field Commissioner Documents and Forms
2014 MMRFL Supplemental Formspdf8/22/14102 KB
2014 MMRFL Standard Play Tracker Sheet (Excel)xlsm8/28/1416 KB
2014 MMRFL Standard Play Tracker Sheet (PDF)pdf8/28/14134 KB
MMRFL Full Play Tracker Sheet (Excel)
MMRFL Roster Blank (PDF)pdf7/29/1313 KB
MMRFL Roster Blank (Excel Document)xlsm7/29/1313 KB
MMRFL Code of Conductpdf8/14/1170 KB
MMRFL Coaches CC Agreementpdf8/14/1163 KB
MMRFL Incident ReportPDF8/22/1424 KB
MMRFL Injury ReportPDF8/22/1433 KB
MMRFL Insurance Waiver HU(PDF)pdf7/29/13203 KB
MMRFL Insurance Waiver HU(Word Document)doc7/29/13186 KB
MMRFL Medical Treatment Consent (PDF)pdf7/18/0760 KB
MMRFL Medical Treatment Consent (Word Document)doc7/18/0723 KB
MMRFL Cuncussion Return to Play Formpdf8/14/14480 KB
MMRFL Potential Concussion & Return Protocolpdf8/19/13264 KB
MMRFL Field Commissioner Training Packetpdf8/15/13304 KB
MMRFL Team Draft Procedurepdf7/7/1224 KB
MMRFL Team Draft Record Formpdf7/24/0951 KB
MMRFL Chain Gang Etiquettepdf8/26/0938 KB
MMRFL Score Keeper Cheat Sheetpdf8/22/09142 KB
MMRFL Announcer/Spotter Cheat Sheetpdf8/22/09174 KB
Football Signals (New MMRFL Version)pdf9/11/13362 KB

Miscellaneous Documents
MHSAA Concussion Protocol
NFHS Energy Drink Advisorypdf8/21/12188 KB
MMRFL 2014 Coaches Meeting (Large)pdf9/3/141,970 KB
Pointers From The MMRFL President
The 7 Guiding Principles of NFL Youth Programspdf10/13/0543 KB
MMRFL Scholarship Applicationpdf3/5/07152 KB
MMRFL Scholarship Redemption Requestpdf8/17/0886 KB
MMRFL Finance Policypdf7/29/13104 KB
MMRFL Bylawspdf8/16/1056 KB
MMRFL Admissions Processpdf7/7/1223 KB
MMRFL Admission Applicationpdf7/7/1221 KB
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